An ancient find told about one of the most profitable occupations of the Mayan people.

Mayan civilization is full of secrets, but thanks to laborwith each new discovery, anthropologists are getting smaller. For example, researchers from the University of Louisiana recently discovered a working tool, thanks to which scientists were able to name one of the most profitable professions of those times. She brought so much wealth that workers could well afford an instrument made of jade gemstone.

Jade stone occupied a very important place inthe culture of the Mayan civilization - it made jewelry for dignitaries, as well as objects for rituals. However, the new discovery proves that some people could afford a piece of jade, which is designed for rather dirty work in places for the extraction of salt.

An ancient instrument was found in the souththe country of Belize, which is located in Central America and is washed by the Caribbean Sea. According to the researchers, one of the 110 ancient sites where the Mayan people mined salt was once located on the spot where an ancient artifact was discovered. These areas were located on sea lagoons surrounded by evergreen deciduous forests.

Much to the happiness of anthropologists, thanksThe special composition of the raw soil and the presence of peat, a tool made of jade perfectly preserved. The main part was made of a rare and expensive variety of stone called jadeite, and the handle is made of rosewood Honduras rosewood. Researchers believe that the tool was not intended to interact with solid trees and stones, and was most likely used to clean fish and meat.

The fact that salt miners could afford suchtools, prepares that they were successful entrepreneurs. This is not surprising, because in the Mayan civilization salt was actively used in cooking and was considered a sign of wealth.

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