An ancient cemetery with two sarcophagi found near the pyramids of Giza.

Egypt is still full of mysteries, and archaeologists still haveThere are many reasons to continue digging. This was once again proven on the morning of May 4, when the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities reported the discovery of an ancient cemetery near the famous pyramids of Giza. Inside the necropolis, two sarcophagi and several interesting artifacts were found, including a limestone statue. Researchers managed to find out exactly who was buried in this place - they were two high-ranking men.

They lived about 4.5 thousand years ago, in times ofthe so-called fifth dynasty when the great pyramids were already built. It is noteworthy that the necropolis is located not directly at the pyramids, but in the area to the south-east of them. The archeologists were very interested in the find, since the sarcophagi were intact - whether the bodies of the deceased remained inside them, the ministry did not report, but it revealed their names and positions.

According to the inscriptions, one of the dead was calledBehnui-Ka - he was the priest of the goddess of truth and justice Maat, and at the same time held other posts. For example, he was also a judge, and had the title of Pharaoh Khafre, Userkaf, and Niuserra Purifier. The ruler Khafr belonged to the fourth dynasty and ordered the construction of one of the pyramids of Giza, while others belonged to the fifth dynasty.

The second man buried was named Nui Hu, and healso held a high position in society. The inscriptions say that he followed the new settlements and was also the cleaner of King Khafra. At the moment this is all that is known about him, but archaeologists continue to study the inscriptions.

Limestone was also found in the tomb.The statue, but which of the dead it reflects, is still not clear to archaeologists. Also at the burial site were stone engravings and masks. Perhaps in the near future, archaeologists will share other discoveries.

Egypt, with all its pyramids, is an extremely interesting place, but some people do not recommend visiting ancient sites. The reasons for this opinion can be found in one of our materials.

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