An analogue of “Wikipedia” will appear in Russia (2 photos)

Russian Ministry of Digital Developmentprepared a curious bill that provides for the allocation of money from the federal budget to the publishing house “The Great Russian Encyclopedia” for the production and support of a “nationwide interactive encyclopedic portal.”

As stated in the document, the government willsubsidize not only rent and wages, but also a number of other activities. Subscriptions to technical, reference and other literature, paid Internet resources and periodicals will be paid. The project will also subsidize the use of archival materials and filming in cultural institutions: theaters, museums, and so on. It is planned to develop computer software, as well as expertise in the field of information technology.

How much will the cost of the launch of thisThe project is not yet announced. It is worth noting that Alexander Visty, who then headed the Russian National Library, spoke about this 3 years ago. He argued that a resource of this kind would become the digital equivalent of the Great Russian Encyclopedia and would be able to compete with Wikipedia.