An American implanted a Tesla electronic key in his hand

Tesla owner and big fan of moderntechnology Brandon Dalali for convenience implanted in his right hand a chip key that allows you to unlock an electric car without using a smartphone. He claims that this is much more reliable than relying on the smartphone's Bluetooth function, which may not work. And the key is always with him.

It's a tiny VivoKey Apex chip. It uses the same technology (near field communication protocol, NFC) that makes Apple Pay and keyless entry work in hotels.

Brandon Dalali has a tiny contactless chip implanted in the skin of his right hand so he can unlock his car without relying on a smartphone

Brandon posted a video of the trial on social mediaimplantation. The procedure was carried out a week and a half ago by a professional skin piercing specialist and was done under local anesthesia. All the pleasure cost $ 400 (chip plus procedure).

Interestingly, this is the second chip thatBrandon implants himself under the skin. The first is in his left hand. This is an electronic key that opens the front door to his apartment, and also contains contact details and important medical information. This chip can be scanned by any mobile phone and will give information.

The chip uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) protocol, which is the same technology used for Apple Pay and keyless entry systems in hotels.

In response to the question of why he needs an implant, ifhe always carries a smartphone with him, Brandon Dalali replied: “For me it is convenient (in all seriousness) because my smartphone's Bluetooth power management is so aggressive that it does not always open the car. So it helps in those cases."

Dalali is in the beta testing group,consisting of approximately 100 people. They are testing a product that can be used to control a range of devices, not just Tesla cars. The chip can execute secure transactions and Java card applets, Dalali said. The chipmaker has its own app store, and one of them is the Tesla keycard. Therefore, it was logical to install it and test it. “One of the applications turned out to be a Tesla key card. So this was the first app I installed on it because I have a Tesla and now I use it as a key when my Bluetooth dongle fails or I don't have a keycard,” Dalali explained.

“The whole idea was that the key to the housewill be in my left hand, and the car key in my right. And what's really cool is that a little later it will be possible to wirelessly activate the new chip that I just received in order to conduct credit card transactions, ”he added.

His hand glows green when the chip is activated.This is the second chip that Dalali implanted - the first is the key to his house, and also stores his contact card, medical information and other such items.