An accelerated travel of 55 million light years from Earth to the center of a black hole in the M87 galaxy is shown (video)

Scientists from the European Southern Observatory,inspired by the successes in the study of a black hole in the galaxy M87, decided to visualize space travel and presented on YouTube a video of an accelerated "flight" starting at the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) observatory and ending at the "center" of the black hole. The viewer will “fly by” a distance of 55 million light years in 50 seconds.

One of the most important achievements of modernastronomy was the receipt of the first photograph of a black hole in the galaxy M87, as well as its study in polarized light, which made it possible to "see" the mysterious magnetic field stripes and measure some parameters of the mysterious object.

Take a trip to a distant galaxyusing modern means, mankind will not have the opportunity for a long time. Even at the speed of light, flight will take tens of millions of years. Therefore, astronomers have already tried to visualize the path from the Earth to the distant core of the black hole, showing along the way all the galaxies and constellations. The journey ends with a unique image of the black hole event horizon and the last photo of the object's magnetic lines, taken in polarized light.