Amphibious boat Iguana Interceptor moves on the ground on tracks (video)

French amphibious boat, in which instead of wheelscaterpillars are used, interested in the US Navy. At the end of 2020, US Navy sailors purchased two boats called Iguana Interceptors for shallow water observation missions.

The idea of ​​creating amphibious boats was realizedeven during the Second World War. However, then these were land vehicles used to force water obstacles. Iguana Yachts, founded in 2008 by Antoine Brugidou in Normandy, changed the concept. The founder of the company, who is fond of boating, suffered from high tides on the Norman coast and could not lower the boat in shallow water. As a result, Iguana Interceptors were created with retractable tracks, capable of independently reaching deep water.

The Iguana Interceptors name showcasesthe similarity of the principle of work with the iguana swim, when the reptile hides its legs under the belly, being in the water. The extension of the tracks when entering shallow water is carried out in just 8 seconds, and the speed of the boat on land is 7 km / h. The Iguana Interceptors boat has five seats and has a total carrying capacity of up to 1100 kg, which will allow carrying additional equipment, including a light machine gun. When moving on water, the boat picks up speed up to 92 km / h. In the water, the boat is propelled by two 450 horsepower engines.

Today, it is assumed that the military will be ableuse Iguana Interceptors for special operations, control of shallow coastlines or rescue expeditions. According to the company's representatives, in addition to the Pentagon, the amphibious boat is currently of interest to several more ministries of defense. For greater stealth of the boat's movement during special operations, Iguana Yachts is working on the concept of using electric motors.

Source: popsci

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