Americans put in prison for "printed" rifle (2 photos)

In Texas, there are weapons in almost everyhouse. The presence of a rifle and ammunition there is considered commonplace, and the deprivation of their rights - almost a disgrace. After a quarrel with his girlfriend, one of the local residents received a ban on weapons for 2 years. However, he did not want to put up with such a verdict. Attempting to acquire weapons in several places, he invariably encountered a failure. He could not get the parts, and then assemble an improvised weapon from them. However, the guy came out of the impasse by cunning.

He decided to print the weapon on a 3D printer. The Texan purchased the equipment, carefully studied the diagrams of different models of rifles he assembled and training manuals for their assembly. He printed a part of the necessary elements on a 3D printer, turned the rest on his own. The result was a rifle, structurally and externally similar to the serial model of an assault rifle AR-15. He found ammunition in his old stockpiles.

Further development had to be tested in practice. The young man, having gone into the woods, made several shots of her. However, the police arrived. As a result of the proceedings, law enforcement officers found that the detainee was prohibited from possessing a firearm. As a result, the court assessed the sins of a young man for 8 years of real life in prison. Such a harsh sentence is connected with many circumstances of the case, including the one found in the book of the accused, calling for the extermination of the current and former members of Congress. In addition, when detained by a Texan lied, saying that he was a CIA officer.