Americans found a way to circumvent sanctions against Huawei (3 photos)

The ongoing trade war between China and the USin the course of which the Chinese company Huawei came under sanctions, causing damage to businesses on both sides of the ocean. American business does not intend to suffer losses from the actions of President Trump and is looking for workarounds for the resumption of cooperation with the Asian giant. So, Micron recently resumed shipping processors designed for Huawei.

According to experts, American corporationsfelt a loophole in the sanctions restrictions imposed on Huawei. According to Trump's law, no more than 25% of American technology should be used in products supplied to a Chinese company, including chips. American business solved the problem simply. Outside the United States, subsidiaries were opened to which patents on numerous American technologies were transferred.

The appearance of such formal "daughters" does not violateUS law and at the same time allows you to work with Huawei, which is under sanctions. After the resumed supplies of processors, Micron shares rose 11%. Intel businessmen also used this effective method to circumvent Trump’s tough sanctions without breaking the law. For how long, is unknown.