Americans created a cyborg locust

Bomb terrorists will now have toBeware of new biological robots created in the laboratories of the University of Washington in St. Louis using locusts. According to preliminary studies published on the open source BioRxiv, insects were used to detect gases released by substances such as ammonium nitrate, which are especially popular with modern terrorist groups.

The sapper insect project was funded byUS Navy. A peculiar bomb detector was obtained by implanting electrodes in the brain of insects. Scientists said that the effect of detecting explosives increases when using several (up to seven) individuals. The military allocated $ 750 thousand for the development of a promising area.

Researchers used a special kind -American locusts, which are more resilient and can carry heavier loads. Locust smelling organs with up to 50 thousand neurons are used to detect explosive gases.

After the introduction of electrons, the insect effectivelyreacts to explosives for 7 hours, then perception is dulled. Scientists plan to increase the time of “work” of the biomechanism by regular special feeding and improving the technique of implantation of electrodes. It is noteworthy that the locust moves to the place where the bomb can be with the help of miniature wheeled robots, and the process of detecting odors takes no more than 500 milliseconds. According to the developers, using a hybrid of electronics and locusts is much cheaper than creating a fully robotic device.

Source: medium