AMD 32-core processor surpasses similar Intel processor in limited mode (3 photos)

Two leading global manufacturers of AMD processorsand Intel are constantly striving to create unique high-performance systems that can destroy a competitor. Currently, it seems that the palm is moving to AMD, which introduced in November this year the Ryzen Threadripper 3000 processors (third generation).

After conducting initial tests, experts already name the top-end model of the Threadripper 3970X processor with 32 cores, the most powerful system in the world among those designed for personal computers.

A more detailed experiment conducted with the Threadripper 3970X in reduced power mode showed that the processor confidently surpasses Intel's Core i9-10980XE.

An experiment with the Ryzen Threadripper 3970X was conductedat various TDP values ​​configured using special applications. In the basic TDP mode of 280 W, the processor operates at 3.7 GHz and 4.5 GHz in single core mode. With a decrease in TDP, a decrease in the clock frequency occurs, which, however, provides an increase in energy efficiency. So with a decrease in TDP Threadripper 3970X by 35% to 180 watts, the decrease in performance was only 10%.

When working with a TDP of 140 watts, the Ryzen processorThe Threadripper 3970X was able to show better performance than the 18-core Intel Core i9-10980XE with a TDP of 165 watts. The tests were carried out both in multi-core and single-core mode.

Source: wccftech