AMD begins to reinvent the wheel

Marketing campaign gets an unusual formatcompany AMD, which unexpectedly brought to the market a product that is absolutely non-core for the company - two custom bicycles presented in a fan's online store.

From now on, in the AMD branded online store, in addition to baseball caps, T-shirts, stickers and other accessories, you can buy bicycles for both traditional city driving and country walks in the mountains.

Urban AMD Custom Cruiser Bike and Mountain AMDThe Custom Mountain Bike is offered for the same $ 299 price tag. Each bike is crafted in black and white and features orange accents featuring AMD trademarks. Even the first glance at bicycles, their low price, which is the same for different types of bikes, testifies in favor of the assumption of a low quality of the offered product.

Built for everyday riding, bikeThe Cruiser has a streamlined design with front and rear fenders, a dual spring saddle and a choice of a white frame with black tires or a black frame with white tires. “The Cruiser is a perfectly designed bike for cruising the streets and beaches in style,” reads the product description.

Durable 21-speed mountain bike AMDThe Custom Mountain Bike is equipped with brakes, rotary knob derailleurs, three-piece crank, quick release seatpost and footrest. It comes in three colors: black frame and white tires, white frame and black tires, and white frame with orange tires. Both bikes are currently only available in the US, with no global product announced yet.

Source: amdfanstore