Amazon-owned Zoox has unveiled an autonomous electric robotaxi capable of continuously serving customers for 16 hours (3 photos + video)

One deal to buy a startup Zooxbillion dollars, ended in June 2020. A young company focused on the development of autonomous driving systems for self-driving cars, in a short time was able to create the device Amazon needed for fully autonomous passenger transportation - a compact-sized robotic taxi with unique characteristics.
Small overall dimensions of the robotaxi,created by Zoox and Amazon, will allow you to comfortably operate the car in conditions of dense city traffic. The car is 3.63 meters long and 1.94 meters high. To increase the convenience of boarding passengers, the doors in the taxi of the future are made sliding, and the comfort of the trip will be provided by a hatch in the ceiling.

Each of the four passengers will be provided withindividual seat belt, original airbags, and wireless smartphone charger and bottle holder. Passengers of the robotaxi are accommodated on two-seater sofas - face to face. The seats are oriented perpendicular to the vehicle axis. Each passenger will have their own control panel for the taxi route and the control of the car music center.

The robotaxi is driven by twoelectric motors located on the axles of the car. The main feature of the car created in Zoox is its completely symmetrical design and kinematic scheme - the car, like the fabulous Push-Pull, is capable of moving in any direction, it simply does not have a front and rear end. This characteristic makes the car simply unique for the streets of megacities crowded with cars.

The maximum possible speed of the Zoox robotaximakes an impressive 120 km / h, and four autonomously steered wheels allow you to carry out "crab maneuver" - to move diagonally. The turning radius, if a symmetrical car may need it, will be only 8.6 meters.

The battery packs are also placed symmetrically,under the passenger seats. The total capacity of the batteries will be 133 kWh, and recharging is carried out in a contactless way. Similar to home robotic vacuum cleaners, a robotic taxi drives in to "refuel" electricity on a contactless base. It is noteworthy that the developers have announced 16 hours of car operation on a single battery charge.

The Zoox car navigation system usesLIDAR sensors, radars and video cameras and monitors traffic conditions within a radius of up to 150 meters. The control system runs on special proprietary software from Zoox. The first Amazon-Zoox taxis can already be seen in test trials in Las Vegas and San Francisco.