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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 review: the new standard of the classic reader

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Until now, Kindle Paperwhite had 3 deadlythe enemy: water, small pockets and book snobs. Although the latter are less likely to believe that books are more durable than readers (readers). But, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 has become waterproof, there is support for audiobooks and Bluetooth.

Add to this a set of premium features and the conclusion suggests itself - you can ignore the basic model of the reader and go to the overview of the 2018 version.

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  • Memory
  • Display reader
  • Battery and autonomy
  • Features and differences
  • Comparison
  • Cost of
  • Should I buy?
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 Design

    For the most part, the new version of Paperwhite 2018visually and functionally repeats the previous model. But this is not bad, considering that the cost of the device is now about 8,500 rubles. For example, the Oasis reader has almost the same possibilities, although it costs twice as much, although it has a slightly larger screen.

    The Kindle logo has changed in Paperwhite - it is no longerblack and white. On the back there is no more protrusion, where the USB-connector and the power button. You can compare Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 with the Kindle base model for 5,000 rubles, however, it does not have any protection against water, no key illumination, and the screen has a lower resolution.

    For Amazon, the main problem today isfunctional limitations of e-books. For several years, we practically do not get anything new, but the manufacturer still wants to sell more and more new models. As a result, there are no critical differences between the three main models, which complicates the choice.


    As an example, I note the device memory. In the line of the most accessible Kindle readers have only 4 GB of memory, while Paperwhite and Oasis are available in versions with 8 and 32 GB. Of course, the larger the storage volume, the better.

    However, even 4 GB is enough to store more1000 books. If you read graphic novels or books of large formats, you will hardly have time to re-read everything that fit into the Amazon Kindle budget reader on the longest vacation. Add to this the ability to store purchases in the cloud Amazon, then it makes no sense to pay extra for additional memory.

    If you really want to gete-reader with a large amount of memory, then for the version of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 with 32 GB you can pay 30 dollars. What about audiobooks? Here the situation is similar. Even a regular Kindle with 4 GB is enough to take around 10 audiobooks with you.

    Display reader

    Now to the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 display. Both Oasis and the new Paperwhite have 300ppi screens. The base model Kindle received a display with a resolution of 167ppi. Oddly enough, if you read books with a minimum of illustrations and graphics, you may not notice the difference in resolution.

    Nevertheless, I consider the backlit displays in Oasis and Paperwhite to be a good solution, and the additional contrast makes reading more comfortable in all conditions.

    Battery and autonomy

    Amazon does not mention on its e-reader about the amount of built-in batteries, instead, the description indicates the number of weeks. But, there are guys from iFixit who love to sort things out.

    As a result, we know that the basic version of the KindleReceived a battery with a capacity of 890 mAh, and the latest version of the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is released with a 1420 mAh battery. The lack of illumination and weaker characteristics help to equalize the battery life, but the differences may be, it depends on your needs.

    Features and differences

    Still two features in the new KindlePaperwhite require close attention. I mean water protection and Bluetooth support. I never had the desire to take a reading room in the shower, but often, it happened that drops of water fell on the screen, and by chance could open a menu or turn a page. In any case, it is better to have a device with protection than without it.

    A practical feature of the Paperwhite 2018 issupport audio formats via Bluetooth. I think someone from the owners of the old Kindle models will be able to remember the possibility of text-to-speech or an experimental MP3 player. Now there are no these functions, but you can listen to audiobooks via Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth support makes screen reading accessible via VoiceView. It does not give the opportunity to voice books, however, offers voice feedback about everything that happens on the screen.

    There are a number of other minor changes. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018 display is not sunk into the faceplate. Dust will no longer collect around the perimeter. In addition, the new version of the reader has become less by several millimeters on each side, as well as easier. As a result, the new Paperwhite is slightly easier, and it is more convenient to keep it. But, the cover from the previous version will not fit the 2018 model.

    Kindle comparison

    I noticed one interesting feature. We all know that every year the new Kindle models get a little better than the previous ones. Taking Amazon Kindle 2015 and Paperwhite 2018, I set the brightness at the same level. It turned out that the display of the 2015 model is brighter and has a slightly blue tint. The screen of the updated Paperwhite is a bit "whiter" and much more pleasant for the eyes due to the high contrast.

    Minor changes also affected the is a little complicated, although not critical. It is possible that this change is only a specific version of the firmware. And if I called the change in the menu the biggest point, we can conclude that the Kindle Paperwhite 2018 is a great e-book.

    In the review, I wanted to show that it wasn’t reallyThere are so many differences between the basic version of the Kindle and Paperwhite. The differences are noticeable only if you use the capabilities of the new reader to the maximum.

    The cost of Kindle Paperwhite 2018

    The cost of Kindle Paperwhite 2018 at Amazonstarts from 8500 rubles. If you pay another 1300 rubles ($ 20) from above, you can purchase a model without annoying ads. If 8 GB is not enough for you, then for an additional 2000 rubles you will receive 32 GB of memory for content. The LTE version of Paperwhite costs another 4600 rubles more.


    Despite the many similarities, the oldKindle readers do not have screen backlighting, so I would choose Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2018. Add audio support via Bluetooth, additional protection for the case, and we’ll see that this is the best model for the money.

    It is interesting to look at the changes in the reader lineup.Amazon Kindle in the future, because their main function does not change. The device can only be made more convenient, but there is no sense in additional functions yet.

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