Amazon has released an updated unmanned mini-model of the car DeepRacer (2 photos + video)

For more than a year among developers creatingThe software for unmanned vehicles is very popular with the small DeepRacer machine, which allows you to test engineering developments and technical ideas. Now a car maker, Amazon has announced the release of a new, more advanced version of DeepRacer Evo.

After the advent of Amazon DeepRacer cars, whenthe proposed unmanned control algorithms became available for testing in real conditions of the track, a real competition unfolded among the developers. However, in the first DeepRacer model, only one camera was installed, allowing the car model to navigate on the highway, which limited the possibilities for testing.

The new machine DeepRacer Evo received significantlymore modern means for navigation in space. The control algorithm will now "see" the outside world through two cameras and a lidar mounted on the roof of the model. Already at the beginning of next year, consumers will be able to buy the updated DeepRacer Evo machine itself, as well as a separate set of mounted sensors that allow you to upgrade last year's DeepRacer model.

Over the past year since the advent of the first models has beenPrivate League DeepRacer was created, in which representatives of 17 countries took part. Owners of DeepRacer to test their unmanned driving algorithms will now be able to take part in a pair race (now only single races on the track are available). In this case, the technology of interaction between two unmanned cars will be tested, which in the near future may become relevant in real life. Also, the organizers of the competition suggest complicating the passage of the track using various obstacles.

Competitions in the DeepRacer League will take placeboth in offline mode and in virtual reality - online. The number of locations in which competitions will unfold is increased to 30 for real cars and up to 24 for offline races.