Amazon has developed a drone for aerial patrol and property protection (video)

The development of information technology allowsto secure a modern home using numerous video cameras that transmit information to users' mobile gadgets. However, it is not always convenient and not always cheap to install a huge number of tracking cameras in the house. The new Always Home Cam from Ring, an Amazon company, will help solve this problem. A flying video camera created by the company will be able to patrol the premises in automatic mode, periodically returning to the base to replenish energy.

The camera is mounted on a compact dronea flying vehicle, which, during a rest period, is located on a docking station and replenishes energy. In recharge mode, the camera cannot take pictures as its view is blocked by the docking station. The developers state that the idea behind Always Home Cam is to provide multiple vantage points throughout the home without requiring multiple cameras.

During the first startup of Always HomeCam, the camera is mapping the home. Then the owner sets the parameters for patrolling the apartment. At the same time, the drone is also able to respond to an alarm and instantly fly to the place of violation of the protected perimeter to shoot the intruder.

Always Home Cam was developed onfor two years. According to the head of Ring, the seemingly obvious solution required the introduction of a number of complex technologies. Always Home Cam is completely autonomous and captures the world around you only during the flight. The drone's blades are shielded to protect furniture, pets or humans from damage in the event of a collision.
The novelty is estimated at $ 250 and will be extremelyuseful for people who constantly forget about turning off the iron, light or closing windows. In the event of an emergency situation, Always Home Cam sends a signal to the owner's smartphone with the broadcast of the image. The devices will go on sale next year.