Amazon has become a technology manufacturer. What devices did she introduce?

Amazon Founded in 1994sells in Russia, so it is practically not interesting to most of us. It seems that we are not interested in her affairs in vain, because over the 25 years of its existence, it has transformed from a small online bookstore into a major manufacturer of equipment. The other day in the US state of Washington, she held a large presentation, where 14 devices and technologies were announced that use the capabilities of the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. New items are able to search for information on the Internet, manage music, call a taxi and perform other voice commands of the owner. It sounds interesting, but can a former online bookstore sell giants like Google and Apple?

Varieties of Amazon Smart Columns

In its scale and atmosphere, the autumnAmazon's event really did not yield to Google and Apple. Representatives of different departments of the company took turns on a huge stage and talked about the features of each device. The event was watched with interest by many residents of the United States and they were shown "smart" speakers, wireless headphones and other new products that can compete with almost all Google and Apple devices. Why are they so interesting?


  • 1 Echo Dot Smart Watch Column
  • 2 Column Echo Studio for music lovers
  • 3 Echo Buds Headphones - for those who are tired of AirPods
  • 4 Echo Show 8 - speakers for video calls
  • 5 Updated Amazon Echo column with new covers
  • 6 Echo Glow - an inexpensive night light for a children's room
  • 7 Echo Flex - bathroom column
  • 8 Echo Frames Points and the Smart Ring
  • 9 Amazon Aero Wi-Fi router with voice assistant
  • 10 Amazon Smart Oven - A Listening Microwave
  • 11 Amazon Ring Security Cameras - Home Security Devices
  • 12 Sidewalk - Amazon Device Interconnection
  • 13 Amazon Fetch - Pet Search Technology
  • 14 Amazon Alexa Update

Smart Echo Dot Clock Column

Echo Dot is the most compact and inexpensiveAmazon Alexa Voice Assistant At the autumn presentation, its new version was presented with an LED display and on the front panel. This screen displays time, air temperature outside the window, and a countdown timer. If necessary, the brightness of the displayed numbers can be reduced - the column will definitely not interfere with the sleep of the owners.

In addition to the clock and alarm functions, the Echo Dot column performs voice commands

The cost of the updated Echo Dot column is 59dollars, which is only 10 dollars higher than the price of the old version. A very interesting device at a good price - if it was sold in Russia, I would think about buying. Are you ready to spend money on an alarm clock to which you can give voice commands? Write in the Telegram chat, it’s really interesting.

Echo Studio speaker for music lovers

Echo Studio column can be considered directrival Google Nest Max and Apple HomePod. Remember, during the presentation of HomePod, Apple representatives praised the sound of their speakers and talked about the complex arrangement of several speakers? At Amazon's presentation, pretty much the same thing happened. The Echo Studio speaker is equipped with five speakers: a 5.25-inch downward speaker for low frequencies, a 1-inch speaker for high frequencies, and three conventional speakers pointing in opposite directions.

The Echo Studio speaker looks very similar to the Apple HomePod

It’s easy to guess that this column is for 199dollars designed for home listening to music in high quality. Most likely, the company would be happy if the column was bought by subscribers of the paid Amazon Music HD music listening service. So she would have received double income - one-time per column and reusable for a monthly subscription.

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Echo Buds Headphones - for those who are tired of AirPods

Among the owners of Apple technology are very popularAirPods Wireless Headphones - So Why Shouldn't Amazon Launch Its Analog? Externally, the Echo Buds headphones are very similar to the brainchild of the creators of the iPhone and have almost the same capabilities. Firstly, they have an integrated technology called Bose to suppress external noise. Is it in Apple headphones? Of course there is. Also, owners of Echo Buds can give voice commands without touching the headphones and smartphone - you can control music and order a taxi right on the go.

Headphones Amazon Echo Buds - a good alternative to Apple AirPods

Amazon Echo Buds Costs Lower ThanAirPods 2 Wireless Headphone - it is equal to 129 US dollars. Their charge lasts for 5 hours listening to music. The package comes with a special case that is able to charge the headphones 3 times. It’s still difficult to say who is better - Amazon or Apple headphones. After everything promised at the presentation, the Echo Buds headphones seem more attractive so far.

That's what - besides all this, Amazon is even developing drones to deliver packages!

Echo Show 8 - speakers for video calls

Amazon has some very interesting columns.with a 10-inch display for video calls - it's about the Echo Show. At the autumn presentation, the company introduced a smaller version with an 8-inch display with HD resolution and an integrated camera. In general, there are no other innovations in the new model - it is just possible that it is well suited for a bedside table of some category of buyers.

It would be nice to put Echo Show 8 on the bedside table in the bedroom, right?

Updated Amazon Echo column with new covers

Changes affected the main column - AmazonEcho The company improved the sound and equipped them with new fabric covers in blue, black, gray and pink. With all this, the cost of the column remained the same and is 99 dollars.

New Amazon Echo Column Color Options

We think the owners of the old version of the columnit makes no sense to run for a new one - updates, frankly, are not worth it. But if someone is going to buy a speaker for the first time, he will get an improved device.

Echo Glow - an inexpensive night light for a children's room

Amazon apparently wants to leave a mark onevery room of american houses. The Echo Glow column is a nightlight blinking in different colors, which in addition can play music. It sounds cool - you can put your child a calm melody for a quiet fall asleep, and a light light will protect him from the monsters under the bed. The company is going to sell this small device for $ 30. In my opinion, this is a very reasonable price, but what do you think?

Inexpensive night light Echo Glow will save children from night monsters

Echo Flex - column for a bathroom

Indeed, Amazon is committed toto be in every room, even in the bathroom. The Echo Flex column, for obvious reasons, is devoid of a camera, but it connects to any available outlet and plays music. Also, owners of a waterproof speaker can listen to the weather forecast and search for information of interest on the Internet before work. The cost of Echo Flex is $ 25.

The Echo Flex column lacks a camera so as not to spy on people in the bathroom

Echo Frames Points and Smart Ring

These two devices are not available for purchase by ordinarypeople - you can place an order only by invitation. Amazon glasses cost $ 179 and their main feature is the presence of tiny speakers. They, as you might guess, are necessary for interacting with the voice assistant Alexa. Ordering a taxi, searching for information on the Internet and other tasks - all this can be done with stylish glasses.

Echo Frames glasses look very stylish, but are they of any use?

The second device is a $ 129 ring withtwo microphones. There is nothing supernatural in it either - it is the link between the person and the voice assistant Alexa. Representatives assure that using the ring you can make short calls, but it is not yet clear how convenient this is. To be honest, this is a very dubious device that can be interesting for a couple of days, and then become a useless accessory on your finger.

Are you ready to call your friends using the ring?

Amazon Aero Wi-Fi router with voice assistant

The company managed to shove its voiceassistant even in a wifi router. It is completely different from the router installed in your apartment. Tell me, can you tell your router to reboot? No, so you are forced to go up to him and press the tiny button at the back.

Along with Amazon Eero, you can buy devices to expand the Wi-Fi zone

Amazon Aero Router Costs 99dollars, but it will not be one of a kind. It is known that soon support for voice commands will appear in routers from TP-Link and Asus. The tasks in their case will also be handled by the Alexa assistant.

Amazon Smart Oven - A Listening Microwave

For culinary enthusiasts, the company has releasedA smart microwave for $ 250. The cost may seem high, but it is worth considering that it performs the functions of three devices at once: microwave ovens, deep fryers for frying and food warmers for food storage. In the microwave, as in all the aforementioned devices, there is also a voice control function - you can ask her to warm up food or stop cooking any dish.

Three kitchen appliances water, and even with voice control - interesting, right?

Amazon Ring Security Cameras - Home Security Devices

In addition to the production of columns and kitchen appliances,A former online bookstore selling home security cameras today. As part of the presentation, she introduced a $ 59 Ring Indoor Cam and an updated $ 99 Stick Up Cam. What are they needed for? And in order to install them on the bedside table of your house and monitor what is happening in it. Who knows - maybe a thief got into the apartment? Or maybe the pet began to peel the wallpaper? Owners always need to be aware of what is happening in the house, and the presented cameras, according to Amazon, do an excellent job.

Home cameras Ring Cams look very stylish

You just hold on - in the future Amazon wants to send people to the moon.

Sidewalk - Amazon Device Interconnection Tool

This new product is not a device, butwireless technology for interconnecting smart devices. Unlike other means of communication, Sidewalk consumes less power, that is, the battery charge in the devices will last for a longer time. Also, the new communication technology will provide a more reliable connection. So, at least, company representatives say.

Should Amazon devices somehow communicate with each other?

Amazon Fetch - Pet Search Technology

The above Sidewalk is just needed for suchdevices like Amazon Fetch. It is a keychain worn on a pet's collar - using a smartphone, a person can always be in the know where his pet is. Perhaps this will save a dozen people from losing their pets.

Ring Fetch Helps Find Lost Pets

Amazon Alexa Update

Finally, it’s worth telling what innovationsLearned the voice assistant Alexa - after all, it is installed in all of the above devices without exception. One of the most interesting innovations is parody of celebrity voices. So, the assistant can respond to voice requests with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. If you wish, you can install other voices, but each of them will cost $ 99.

Voice assistant can speak with the voices of real stars, this is really cool!

The assistant also learned to recognize intonationthe owner. For example, if he hears annoyance in the user's voice, he will apologize for the previous error before completing the task again. However, you often don’t have to get angry at the assistant - users will most likely be grateful that Alexa will notify you about the low charge of devices using Alexa Hunches technology on time.

Apparently, Amazon seriously intends tocompete with Google and Apple. But all this is only a small part of the devices on which it works. Do not forget that in the arsenal of the company there are even courier robots that are engaged in the delivery of purchases directly to the doors of buyers.