Amazon began field testing of its scout delivery robots

Amazon has been using for years.robots in their warehouses, trying to automate as many stages of sorting and delivery of goods. In addition, in 2016, the company began to use drones to deliver purchases to the British under the program of Amazon Prime Air. This week, Jeff Bezos’s company began field trials of six six-wheeled Scout robots. They will plant purchases for residents of Snohomish in Washington, according to a company blog.

The delivery robot is made in the form of a smallportable fridge with niche for products inside. The company does not report any technical details about the robot, however, the blog states that Scout is able to overcome various obstacles on the sidewalk, which may indicate that it uses computer vision technology. Apparently, with the help of the same technology will be carried out and customer identification.

Items ordered using Scout will bedelivered only on weekdays. The robot will carry out all the way to deliver the ordered purchases independently, however, it is specified that an Amazon employee will accompany him at first.

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Amazon is not the only company that willuse delivery robots. More recently, it became known that the company Starship Technologies has received permission to use similar robots to deliver food to students at George Mason University. The company also signed an agreement with Blaze Pizza, Dunkin ’and Starbucks food companies.

A fleet of delivery robot companies Starship, which will deliver pizza and coffee to students of one of the colleges of Virginia (USA)

Last year on joint development plansunmanned goods delivery vans announced by Alibaba (one of the largest Asian conglomerates operating in the field of Internet commerce) and RoboSense. At the last CES-2019 International Electronics Show, Continental presented its vision of the issue - it offers to deliver goods using vans and small robot dogs.

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