Amazon again has a new one: a transformer drone with AI (2 videos)

In the modern world, where the sale of goods is everythingmore is done through online stores, the problems of delivery of the purchase to the customer are becoming more tangible. Amazon is at the forefront of optimists, who believe that the future of delivery is behind artificial intelligence drones.

Amazon has already introduced a new version of the drone forDeliveries - Prime Air, the peculiarity of which is that it is controlled by artificial intelligence, the algorithms of which “teach” it to fly around obstacles and not to knock down animals during landing. The company claims that within a few months he will be ready to deliver the goods.

But not everything depends on the company's will, soAccording to Verge, the American FAA regulator is very wary of non-standard movements in the air and is particularly biased against drones. So it is quite possible that at Amazon they don’t even know where and in what territory tests will be allowed to. Most likely, non-American customers will be the first to receive packages with Prime Air, despite the influence of the owner of Amazon, one of the richest people on Earth, Jeff Bezos.

Therefore, it is most likely that in America, first, air delivery from Wing - Google’s subsidiary, which has already received the coveted certificate, will be tested.

At the same time, Amazon seeks as much as possiblegive information not only on the impressive appearance and excellent technical characteristics of the drone (the propellers are protected by an external shield, deployed in horizontal flight mode, the guards at this time are transformed into wings, but the central part equipped with sensors and intended for storage of goods does not change), but and safety.

It is the above technicalcharacteristics allow to provide maneuverability, and together with an abundance of sensors - and safety. Three types of sensors: thermal camera, depth camera and sonar - set the algorithm for machine learning. At the presentation of the device, Jeff Wilke said that the new Prime Air will not be touched by “neither the power line, nor your favorite corgi in the yard”.

Although at first glance Prime Air's carrying capacityIt seems modest (up to 2.2 kg), but statistics show that 75-90% of the goods fit into this weight. And the delivery time (within half an hour) and the distance (up to 22 km) are quite optimal.

Source: theverge