Amazon will create its own satellite Internet system

SpaceX following the withdrawal this year of severalSquadrons of Starlink satellites will begin testing their own global Internet distribution system by the end of the summer. The suddenly announced competitor, Amazon, has already received permission from the US regulator FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to launch 3236 satellites under the Kuiper project.

The FCC clearance states that until 2026Amazon will be able to launch 1,618 satellites. The company will be able to fully deploy the three thousandth squadron in low-earth orbit by 2029. The Amazon project is worth $ 10 billion.

According to the Kuiper project, satellites will be launchedat three different heights, and only 578 satellites are required to start serving American households. It has not yet been announced which company will be engaged in putting Amazon devices into orbit, but Blue Origin, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, will not be involved in transporting satellites into orbit.

In an official statement Amazon notes that the Kuiper project aims to provide broadband communications in areas inaccessible to traditional fiber-optic or mobile networks.

Source: Amazon