Amazing photos of Jupiter are presented (9 photos)

Exploration of the largest solar planetThe systems, along with NASA's Pioneer, Voyager, and Galleo devices, have recently been taken up by the Juno station, launched from Earth in August 2011. Since the summer of 2016, the station has been actively exploring the gas giant as close to its surface as possible, sending new images to the Earth taken with the JunoCam instrument approximately every 53 days.

The last batch of photos captured a hugethe amount of atmospheric phenomena, the movement of clouds and storms. Researchers at NASA and the Southwest Research Institute uploaded raw image data to the Internet in late December. Since then, many enthusiasts have turned black and white photographs into colorized images, allowing you to appreciate the indescribable beauty of a giant planet.

Juno Space Station Continues Surveillancebeyond Jupiter with an orbit that is safe enough for the radiation fields of the planet. The speed of rotation of the station, which costs $ 1 billion, is 210 thousand km per hour.

Source: physics-astronomyblog