Amazfit Bip Lite goes on sale in Russia

Huami Introduces AMAZFIT Bip Lite,a new model in the line of smart watches. The new AMAZFIT Bip Lite watch continues the line that the successful AMAZFIT Bip started - one of the best-selling smart watches of 2018, also recognized as one of the most effective smart watches at an affordable price. The device is characterized by a battery life of up to 45 days, water resistance at a depth of 30 meters and the ability not to take pictures while swimming, as well as displaying application notifications and several trackers for health and fitness.

The AMAZFIT Bip Lite watch allows you to track the results of cardio exercises, as well as to conduct automatic and continuous monitoring of heart rate using an optical sensor

PPG. You can follow the history of your health indicators and the results of fitness classes directly through the clock, or in the AMAZFIT application.

Water resistant up to 30 metersallows you to engage in any kind of water sports, such as swimming, including underwater with a mask and snorkel, and at the same time monitor the results in order to be able to assess the approach to the goals.
Finally, the watch is equipped with a sleep tracker. This feature helps you understand why we feel more energetic on some days than on others. In many cases, stress and sleep problems will be the main causes. AMAZFIT Bip Lite watches collect statistics that will help their owner sleep better, and as a result become more energetic and productive.

Several sports modes, water resistant to a depth of 30 meters.
Just the perfect companion for sports

Due to the long battery life, whichenough for 45 days, Bip Lite is distinguished by one of the longest battery life in its niche. Now you can not worry that the gadget will be discharged at the wrong time.

The Bip Lite watch features a classic display withsmooth angles, and a reflective screen allows you to clearly see the image even in bright sunlight. For convenient use, it is also possible to set up a permanent screen.

Finally, Bip Lite weighs just 32 grams, whichturns them into one of the lightest smart watches on the market. The device can be worn around the clock without feeling uncomfortable with the presence of a foreign object on your hand.

The AMAZFIT Bip Lite watch will go on sale in the second half of August at a recommended retail price of 4,490 rubles.

Source: Press Release 2L-PR Agency