Always-On Display feature will be improved in Xiaomi MIUI shell (5 photos)

Function for more than ten yearsAlways-On Display (AOD), is an integral part of modern smartphones. Xiaomi, which has integrated AOD technology in its devices with AMOLED screens in 2019, is going to significantly improve a function that can significantly extend the battery life of a smartphone without reducing its information content.

The official website of Xiaomi provides informationabout the new Always-On Display features that have already appeared in the MIUI 11 version of China Beta ROM, where AOD can be configured directly from the MIUI Themes application. Now the user will be able to personalize the screen and use his favorite photo in the Always-On Display settings, choose the type of fonts, the style of the screen clock, the type of animation and much more.

Also provides download from the companyAOD presentation options store. Currently, the function is in the testing phase and the time for opening full access to the new Always-On Display features has not been disclosed.

You can also note the presence of two dynamic widgets, the operation of which depends on weather conditions, time of day and location of the user.