Altwork workstation allows you to work lying, standing or sitting (video)

Modern office worker holding manyclock at the computer, sooner or later begins to feel fatigue and back pain, despite the most ergonomic and comfortable office chairs. Altwork startup proposes a new concept of a workstation, using which you can quickly change body position and work with a computer while standing, sitting, half-lying or completely horizontal.

Such a workplace is not cheap - modelThe Signature Altwork Station unveiled at CES 2021, for example, is priced at $ 7,650. However, reducing the load on the user's spine from a monotonous posture, by quickly changing position without reducing labor productivity, will pay off more than once and protect the employee from professional office back diseases. From now on, the center of an office workplace is not a computer, but a person.

Signature Altwork Station consists ofof six movable sections, changing the position of which the user can work while standing, sitting, reclining or even reclined completely in a horizontal position. The transformation of the workplace is carried out by built-in electric motors.

To prevent falling or slippingmice and keyboards, when moving to a lying working position, magnetized tabletops are provided to hold the accessories. Laptops and tablets are mounted in special swivel stands.

Signature Altwork Stationcovers an area of ​​1.7 square meters, the length is adjustable from 140 to 173 cm, the width is 86.3 cm, and the weight is 95 kg. To facilitate movement of the system on the floor, the Signature Altwork Station has five rollers. People weighing up to 115 kg and height from 155 to 195 cm will be able to work at the new generation desk.

Source: altwork