Alter Bike - increased mileage hydrogen bike

Pragma produces fuel cells,Ventec develops battery management systems; Cycleurope designs bicycles. What do these companies from France have in common? Together they created Alter Bike.

This bike was first introduced 6 years ago. And now his range was raised by engineers to 150 kilometers. This value is three times higher than the average cost of electric bikes.

The novelty is equipped with a lithium-ion battery,as well as a fuel cell refueling from a cylinder filled with gaseous hydrogen. According to the authors of the project, soon the owners will grab a set of replaceable cartridges on the road. From them will begin to replenish the supplies of the cylinder. True, there are still a few gas stations with hydrogen. And the distances between them are great.

At first, Alter Bike had a 200 bar tank: this was enough for about 100 kilometers. Now there is a new cylinder from Pragma - already at 300 bar. And the mileage increased, respectively, to 150 kilometers.

Curious that a mediocre electric bike withthe battery will travel about 50 kilometers without the help of a rider. This value depends on a number of parameters, for some models it is significantly higher. However, the bike is charged from the outlet much longer.

As stated by the head of Pragma, Pierre Forte, bicycles,operating on Alpha fuel cells, much better than battery-powered counterparts: both in refueling and in range. Batteries require several hours to charge. Two minutes are enough for hydrogen cylinders for refueling.

Until the end of summer, the advanced Alpha Bike will be tested at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France. Journalists will be provided with a park of two hundred such bicycles.

Source: newatlas