Already nearly 40% of Volvo's sales come from new energy vehicles

Volvo presented the results of the work in October. According to the company, 54,317 were sold in October

cars, which is 6.89% more sales in the same period a year earlier. At the same time, it is emphasized that the line of new energy car models accounted for 36.8% of all sales, of which 15% were sales of pure electric vehicles. Volvo sees very strong demand for plug-in and pure electric cars in the Recharge range. Volvo's biggest success was in China, where its sales rose 37% in October to 15,048 vehicles, followed by an 8.9% increase in the US, while Europe grew by a modest 0.4%. In general, for the period from January to October, Volvo sales amounted to 483,304 vehicles, which is 16.9% lower than last year. A decrease in sales following the results of ten months was observed in all markets where the brand is present.