AlphaGo algorithm became the world champion in the game of go

No, there was no official championship for this game, but this time the algorithm managed to beat Ke Jie, the best go player in the world, by half a point.

The head of Google Deep Mind Demis Hassabis explainedthat this time AlphaGo was programmed in such a way that it would increase its chances of winning at the beginning of the game, but the settings of the program suggest other options for the AI. You can, for example, program it to increase the gap on points.

During a Ke Jie match several times in a matchahead of the program, but after a while AlphaGo began to beat the champion again, because the AI ​​was initially programmed to win. Perhaps that is why the difference in the bill turned out quite small. If the program had been set up differently, it could have begun to win extra points, having increased its indicators by the end of the game.

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In the near future two more competitions will be held.Go, in which, in addition to people, artificial intelligence will take part. It is known that during one of the matches the program will fight immediately with five players.

The new version of AlphaGo is significantly improved and compared to the one that not so long ago beat 60 players on Chinese websites, it requires almost ten times less computing power to work.