Almost 90% of applications are vulnerable to hacking

Using applications in modern gadgetsfraught with the threat of hacker penetration using remote penetration. A study by Positive Technologies, a cyber security company, found that 89% of applications do not have adequate protection against hacker hacking, with 30% of applications at risk.

Malicious programs use a variety ofmethodologies for the penetration and theft of confidential information. Hacking programs can track keyboard operations and steal screenshots of payment documents. It can also track correspondence in messengers, view photos and videos of the user.

Vulnerabilities of various degrees revealed in 40%applications running under iOS and in 45% of applications under Android. To "get" the virus, simply download the application. At the same time, hackers can penetrate the device via SMS distribution.

Experts recommend to protect your deviceuse only applications from trusted sources, do not follow links from SMS messages, always update installed applications and also carefully monitor which information requires the installed application to open access.