Almost 40-year-old computer adapted for bitcoin mining (video)

Ancient by the standards of computer technologyThe Commodore 64 personal PC has been modified by video game specialist and YouTube contributor 8-Bit Show And Tell to mine Bitcoin. Of course, it is not worth expecting that the platform will demonstrate the high speed of cryptocurrency mining on the blockchain network, but the very fact of the implementation of the capabilities of a PC released 30 years before the appearance of bitcoin is admirable.

Commodore 64 entered the market in 1982and was developed by CBM (Commodore Business Machines). The Commodore 64 hardware ran on an 8-bit MOS 6510 processor (0.9 or 1.023 MHz). The amount of RAM was 64 KB, and the graphics were processed by the VIC-II processor.

Previously, it was adapted for mining cryptocurrencyNintendo GameBoy console. It was this experiment that inspired the author of 8-Bit Show And Tell to implement bitcoin mining on older equipment such as the Commodore 64.

As a result of an experiment recorded on video andpublished on YouTube, the specialist achieved a hash rate of 0.3 hash per second (H / s). The program code was written in C, and when using machine language, the hash can be accelerated 10 times, another 20 times the speed can be achieved using an additional SuperCPU card. However, even the Commodore 64 hash, accelerated dozens of times, is not comparable to modern ASIC miners that generate up to 18 terahashes (TH / s) per second.

Source: videocardz