All-wheel drive electric car based on Nissan Leaf Plus, rated at 227 kW (6 photos + video)

Tokyo Motor Show this year showed thatleading car manufacturers are actively continuing the technical and technological development of new models on an electric drive. The Nissan concern has been working on improving its Nissan Leaf range for a long time. The most successful version was the improved Nissan Leaf e + (Leaf Plus) model, whose engine power was 160 kW (217 hp), and the battery capacity was 62 kWh.

However, the developers did not stop atthe success achieved at the Tokyo Salon 2019 was demonstrated by an even more advanced car designed on the basis of the Nissan Leaf Plus, but with two electric motors and the use of Electric All-Wheel-Control technology, which ensures the implementation of controlled all-wheel drive.

During test trials, it was notedsignificant improvement in the dynamic characteristics of the car, increased reliability and efficiency of the braking system and the possibility of optimal cornering is ensured, which brings the presented car to the same level with sports cars.

The total power of two electric motors NissanEM57, which are mounted on the rear and front axles, is 227 kW (308 hp) and a torque of 680 Nm. Engines can not only set the machine in motion, but are also used for regenerative braking. The intelligent system distributes the braking force to each of the four wheels individually, which minimizes the risk of skidding and “yaw” of the car.

Control system combined with 12.3 inchinformation display, which allows the driver in real time to monitor the status of mechanisms and systems of the car. The use of controlled all-wheel drive allows the experimental model of Nissan Leaf Plus to behave more confidently on the road during difficult weather conditions: rain, icy roads and follow the path set by the driver.

Source: nissannews