AliExpress lowers the cost of shipping goods to Russia

I made another gift for the Russians inOn the eve of the new year, the Chinese company AliExpress, which together with the logistics operator Cainiao (owned by the Alibaba Group), reduces shipping rates. The companies also announced an additional increase in subsidies and the introduction of uniform tariffs, allowing Russian stores to reduce the cost of shipping goods.

Now, starting from December 14, Russians will be able toreceive free parcels from AliExpress in the amount of 99 rubles or more, at post offices, pick-up points and Russian Post offices. In the previous tariffs, free delivery began with purchases over 2.5 thousand rubles. Russian Post accounts for up to 60% of all parcels sent from AliExpress, the rest are delivered either through pick-up points or by couriers.

Also for most regions of Russia there weretariffs for courier services have been changed. When ordering more than 2500 rubles, courier delivery is free of charge, an order in the range from 500 to 2500 rubles can be obtained by paying 49 rubles to couriers. Delivery of orders for less than 500 rubles will cost 99 rubles.

Russian Tmall stores will introduce new tariffs fordelivery from December. At first, the new tariffs will not apply to stores of large household appliances. For other sellers on AliExpress, the transition to the new tariffs will be gradual.

The reduction in the cost of delivery services affected not onlyretailers, but also Russian sellers on AliExpress who work with Qainyao. They will now be able to ship goods at new rates, which already include a new, higher subsidy. This service is provided to companies, self-employed and individual entrepreneurs.

Most of the orders will now be deliveredfor 69 rubles. The delivery price will be formed taking into account the weight of the order. The highest delivery price - 399 rubles will be set for orders weighing from 5 to 30 kg. Prior to the introduction of new tariffs, the shipping cost for the seller depended on the location and weight of the order. So the minimum price for the delivery of goods weighing less than 0.5 kg in Moscow, previously amounted to 106 rubles.