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Alienware 17 R5 Review: High-Performance Gaming Laptop

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Alienware 17 R5 with 17-inch display and weightabout 4.5 kg massive laptop. It is thick, heavy and incredibly durable. A laptop of this size was completely impractical for everyday use, if not for the top-end equipment.

Alienware installed on the new 17 R5 all the samepowerful, including a 6-core Intel Core i9 processor, 32 GB of RAM and a discrete GTX 1080 graphics card. I tested this high-performance monster.

  • Design and construction
  • Ports and connectors
  • Keyboard and Traius Eye
  • Bright display
  • Fast processor
  • Gaming performance
  • Notebook power consumption
  • Alienware Command Center
  • Alternatives
  • Should I buy?
  • Alienware 17 R5 Design

    Outside, the Alienware 17 R5 is very similar to itspredecessors. The case is partially made of metal (upper and lower cover), and partly of high-quality plastic. It has a pair of air vents to remove the heat generated by powerful equipment.

    The design is not innovative, but the laptop looks good.- with futuristic corners, RGB backlit case and the familiar pattern on the cover. The metal coating of this Alienware is slightly darker than the previous models, but otherwise it’s the same design. But, there is an area in which this laptop looks a bit outdated - the display frames, due to the shape of the case, are 2.5 cm thick.

    Ports and connectors

    Large body Dell Alienware 17 R5, allowedplace all the necessary ports. On the back there is a connector for connecting the power adapter, Ethernet port, USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support, HDMI and mini-DisplayPort. On the right side is one USB-A port, and on the left is USB-C, USB-A, as well as headphone and microphone jacks.

    Keyboard and Traius Eye

    Keyboard new Alienware 17 R5 offersdecent depth of keystrokes, which is typical for gaming laptops. The touchpad, as expected, works smoothly, thanks to the support of Windows Precision Touch Pad. It feels silky and smooth to the touch, but in an era of massive touch panels, it seems a bit small.

    Another interesting feature of Alienware isbuilt-in tracker Traius Eye. Located directly below the display, the tracker has two functions: the first allows you to interact with objects in some games. The second can be used for Windows Hello, the facial recognition system from Microsoft. Windows Hello allows you to log in simply by opening the laptop and looking at the tracker. A nice feature and it is definitely better than entering a password each time you open the laptop.

    Bright display

    The display of Alienware 17 R5 is simple and beautiful. The colors are bright, they are not washed out and not too saturated. Panel with a frequency of 120 Hz and G-Sync support makes mouse movements very clear and smooth. By running your favorite game in high or ultra high settings, it will be difficult for you to return to the usual old 60Hz display.

    This 17-inch panel has a resolution of 1440p,which is unusual given the high refresh rate. High resolution and refresh rate complement each other perfectly. The games look incredibly smooth and smooth, and because of the excellent resolution they are still surprisingly clear.

    The color gamut is 93% of the sRGB space. In a more subtle AdobeRGB color space, the display reaches only 73%, which roughly corresponds to a laptop that is not focused on professional use.

    Screen contrast ratio is 560 to1. But, the colors are not fully displayed as needed, this is a side effect of a 120 Hz display. To achieve a high update rate, Alienware uses the TN panel, which is usually not as bright as the more common IPS.

    The fastest in class

    Laptop Alienware 17 R5 is equipped withHigh-performance Intel Core i9 processor. This is an excellent processor for games, but it is important to note that games usually do not require an intensive processor and are more dependent on the GPU. However, in this machine Intel Core i9 gives some important advantages.

    In the Adobe Premiere test, which brings together the series8K video files and applies a large number of adjustment layers, the last Alienware 17 took 98 seconds. For example, MacBook Pro 15 took about 25 minutes to complete this test. In Handbrake to convert 420 MB of video to H.265, R5 completed the task in 184 seconds. This is not the fastest result, as the Dell XPS 15 with a Core i7-8570H processor completed the test in 150 seconds.

    Inside the case there is an SSD of 512 GB and1 TB mechanical hard disk. SSD-drive has a reading speed of 1.912 MB / s and write speed of 1.313 MB / s. Even with large files, the drive works very fast.

    Gaming performance

    Alienware 17 R5 offers excellent gamingperformance. There are no problems with launching 1440p games with maximum settings. Thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, this laptop has managed to outperform many competitors.

    In Battlefield 1 on ultra-high settings with1080p, the FPS speed reached 139 and about 130 FPS at 1440p. The new Razer Blade Pro showed 134 FPS at ultra high at 1080p and 126 FPS at 1440p. This shows how reliable Alienware hardware is. The game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided demonstrates how more demanding names will look on this equipment, and even here the 17 R5 provides exceptional performance.

    Energy-intensive laptop

    High power requires a lot of energy. The new Alienware 17 consumes battery much faster than the more modest Dell XPS 13, a workhorse designed for everyday use. Nevertheless, this gaming device offers battery life that you expect from a system with such specifications.

    A full battery lasts for several hourslight office work and this is not exactly the workload for which this laptop is intended. Therefore, I recommend always taking with you the power adapter.

    Alienware Command Center

    Alienware 17 R5 has the latest versionAlienware Command Center, a full-featured and easy-to-use software suite for RGB backlight, performance and power consumption. The user interface of the software is attractive and utilitarian, everything is where it should be, the settings are clearly marked and accessible.

    Is there an alternative to Alienware 17 R5?

    The Acer Predator Helios 500 is an equally aggressively designed gaming notebook with powerful components (but not as powerful as Alienware).

    You can also look at the Razer Blade or Razer Blade Pro, with the same price and equipment, but they are much more compact and more suitable for everyday use.


    Alienware 17 R5 provides everything that promises -Exceptional gaming performance, incredible computing power and superb display. But the high price makes it affordable not for everyone. You will also have to try to shove it in your backpack.

    Should I buy?

    If you need a powerful gaming laptop at a priceabout $ 3000 (196 900 p.), better than the new Alienware 17, in terms of performance, you can not find. But, if you want to save a little or buy a more versatile and not so bulky laptop, you should see other options.


    • Excellent build quality.
    • Different configuration options.
    • High refresh rate.
    • Exceptional gaming performance.


    • High price.
    • Big and heavy.
    • Average battery life.

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