"Alice" knows how to control the smart home (6 pics + 2 videos)

Voice Assistant "Alice" usingThe platform presented at YaC 2019 can now control smart home devices. In the presented system, the Russian digital assistant manages many different devices involved in smart homes, from coffee makers to light bulbs. There is no need to look for the ever-lost remote control - just ask for “Alice”, and it will reduce the sound of the TV or turn on the air conditioner, brew coffee. In this case, the transfer of commands can be carried out remotely

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Yandex reported that the proprietary platform "smart"The home is created on an open architecture and supports gadgets from companies such as Philips, Redmond, Rubetek, Samsung and Xiaomi. In the future, it is planned to expand the number of companies whose devices will be able to be integrated into the system of the “smart” house of Yandex.

At present, elements of the "smart" house from Yandex are already available for sale in the company's brand store and museum, as well as on the Beru site.

Also at the conference was presented “Yandex.Module, similar in function to Google Chromecast. By connecting via HDMI to a TV, the device provides access to the content of Yandex and its partners, including YouTube, ivi, Yandex, Video, Movie Search, and Yandex. Yandex.Modul is also controlled by Alice through the application or Yandex.Station. The device price is 1990 rubles.

At the conference, was presented and Yandex.The car, which is built into the on-board computer of the car and allows the driver to control and control the car with the help of voice commands, and also pay for parking, remotely start the engine or open the trunk. The system will go on sale in the autumn of 2019.