Algolux introduced Ion: a platform for developing autonomous surveillance systems

Algolux, founded in 2015, is not particularlyknown in the crowded field of automotive computer vision. However, this Quebec startup attracted the attention of investors. For example, last May, the company raised $ 13.4 million. Not bad, considering the fact that nobody knows about it so far. Today, Algolux introduced Ion, a platform that provides companies with a set of tools and an embedded software stack that helps them build their own perceptual systems.

In fact, this “plug and play” solution that is fairly easy to integrate with other systems.

Computer vision from Algolux

Algolux system provides technology.machine learning and computer vision for users who seek to create a comprehensive solution that includes both various regulatory acts of regulatory bodies and safety functions designed for systems operating in difficult conditions

The company claims that Ion can be usedto create more traditional systems or "radically new designs." And this ability extends to any type of sensor, processor and perceptual task. Ion relies on the Eos and Atlas neural networks, several different modules designed to fine-tune cameras. Developers have the opportunity to apply an integrated approach based on their individual needs.

Vice President Dave Tokic notes thatThe key distinction of the company from its competitors is to some extent the “agnosticism” of the brand. This allows companies to use different products for different needs and reduce costs.

"Our Ion platform consists of tools(Atlas) and embedded software stacks (Eos), which uniquely provide a complete solution for creating perception systems, ”he says. "The team can optimize and study in depth both the perception of the sensors and the cameras (up to planning and control), obtaining increased productivity and avoiding the traditional inefficient design processes.

There is a strong opinion that very soon such small startups to develop computer vision and surveillance systems will create a network of "Big Brother", from which it will be impossible to hide.

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