Alcohol for the rich: gaming sake will go on sale in Japan

Gamer vodka. Sounds interesting, agree.

But if in Russia it is still more of a drink for parties, then in Japan they really produce sake, aimed at gamers.

In general, both in the Japanese and in the world market there aremany different products, primarily aimed at gamers. These are endless energy drinks, and various snacks, and even a variety of juices, sodas, and so on.

But in Japan, the whole industry, in essence,built around video game lovers. There are specialized shops, themed cafes and even hotels. So the appearance of strong drinks was only a matter of time.

For example, Tokyo-based SakeBottlers launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise one million yen for gaming sake. In wooden Orthodox rubles, this is a little more than half a million.

Such a small (by the standards of Japan) amount was succeededassemble already three hours after launch. At the same time, almost a month remains before the end of the campaign, but now it is known for sure that gaming sake will actually go on sale.

The set will cost 7.5 thousand yen (4.5 thousand rubles), and will consist of small bottles of 180 milliliters.

True, it is not yet known whether it will somehowgaming sake differs from its usual counterpart in taste. But even now we can say for sure that in shops with themed paraphernalia it can become a hit.

And the Japanese themselves can think about what to spend their earned money on. In the end, even ordinary sake there is not cheap by the standards of Russia.