AK-74M tested for durability during continuous shooting (video)

Another small arms testsurvivability during continuous fire conducted by experts of the Kalashnikov concern. A video report on testing is presented on the popular channel "Destroyers of weapons."

During testing, the new AK-74M wasIt is checked for durability to a complete failure in work. In accordance with the norms of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the AK-74M is required to maintain up to 180 shots without interruption in non-stop firing. Such a high rate of fire naturally does not correspond to the realities of modern combat.

During testing, experts from the channel “Destroyers of weapons” used the AK-74M released in 2014. For testing, 26 stores were equipped with 30 live rounds each.

Standards established by the Ministry of DefenseRussia were easily overcome. Only after the 10th store, and 300 tons of shots while firing, did the tempo decrease. After 400 continuous shots, smoke appeared in the area of ​​the plastic forend. Then the bolt began to jam, and only after 570 shots did the bolt jam, however, eliminated by a specialist. However, after making 17 more shots, on 587 rounds the barrel exploded.