AITuTu - benchmark for measuring AI

Artificial intelligence is mentioned inspecifications of smartphones are increasingly, but obviously, one AI to another strife. What kind of smartphone intelligence is more intelligent, will help to measure the new development of AnTuTu - AI Review, or AITuTu.

There are two tests in its composition: one is engaged in the classification of images, the second - the recognition of objects in the video. The overall result is formed on the basis of an assessment of speed and accuracy during the test, but if low accuracy is attempted by a high speed, the benchmark lowers the rating. The developer claims that the new benchmark was created as a tool for identifying “fake AI”. The truth in the final instance does not pretend, the test results should be taken with reservations, but still it is interesting to measure new parrots.

Running AiTiTu on the client smartphones, we got the following results:

Total image classification object recognition on video
Huawei Mate 20632943967523219
Huawei Nova 3504752941321062
ASUS ZenFone Max M2464142364722767
Honor 8Xpovis at the very beginning of the test

The benchmark is available for download here.


Tatyana Kobelskaya