Airports introduce digital tags for quick check-in baggage (4 photos + video)

Millions of air passengers are forced to dreary for hoursidle in the largest queues at the registration racks. British Airways has figured out how to solve this problem. The company has conceived to use reusable ViewTags, attached to the baggage even before its owners are at the airport.

International Air Transport Associationhas already approved the use of ViewTag. The development is equipped with RFID (radio frequency identification technology), Bluetooth LE, as well as a digital display that displays flight data. The passenger can transfer personal information from the application on the smartphone to the reusable electronic tag. This is done before departure to the airport. So you can avoid the queue for registration. Luggage marked at home can be left at the point of issue. As noted in British Airways, this technology will allow passengers to track their luggage in real time.

British Airlines Digital Tags Alreadywent on sale at 62 pounds, or about $ 80 at the current rate. Soon they rise in price to 80 pounds. Each tag is not enough for more than 3,000 rewrites. Now they are already used in 63 countries, for example in the European Union, Canada, the USA, China.