Airlines may introduce mandatory passenger weighing (3 photos)

Modern airlines can take the roadthe least resistance, instead of introducing innovative technologies to control carbon emissions into the atmosphere, they are considering a proposal for the banal weighing of each passenger. The fact is that the aircraft carrying more weight works under load, and emissions to the atmosphere increase, as does fuel consumption.

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British technology developersInstead of introducing innovative technologies to protect the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions, Fuel Matrix Limited offers simply registering the weight of passengers and carry-on luggage, which increasingly include laptops, tablets for children and mirrored weighty cameras. Engineers will not replace outdated technology in aircraft vehicles, but simply introduce control of the weight being carried, reducing the payload on each aircraft. In the meantime, airlines use an estimated average weight based on the gender of one passenger: 93 kilograms for a man and 75 kilograms for a woman. In fact, these masses are always exceeded for various reasons.

Costly technological re-equipmentairlines replace with ordinary weight registration of passengers, which will be carried out along with the provision of passport data during landing. The company Fuel Matrix Limited justifies its decision by the presence of a number of advantages, such as: reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, saving aviation fuel and reducing the load on aircraft.

If the airlines begin to weigh each passenger compulsorily and without fail, it is not yet clear how this will affect the final cost of the ticket for the flight.