Airbus Showcases Smart Aircraft Cabin

Airbus, one of the largestaircraft manufacturing companies, demonstrated a "smart" passenger cabin called Connected Experience. The developers are sure that thanks to the latest technologies, flights for both passengers and crew will become much more comfortable.

Airbus Connected Experience Projectit will greatly simplify the work of cabin crew thanks to a sensor system for scanning all interior elements, from seats to lighting. This information is transmitted to the iPad, in a special application for the crew, and will help to quickly assess the situation during the flight.

It is also provided equipment “smart” salona number of interactive communication tools for the convenience of passengers who can use their smartphones to pre-book a seat for a suitcase, order drinks and meals, relay the image on the screen built into the back of the seat in front of the passenger from a smartphone, connect to the ecosystem of the cabin to get the necessary information and use of additional functions of the “smart” salon.

Source: airbus