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Airbus' New Passenger Aircraft Will Remind Star Wars Ship

Rejoice, Star Wars fans! Airbus wants to change the shape of commercial airliners, so it is possible that in the future we will fly on futuristic and truly fantastic aircraft. As it turned out, changing the shape of passenger liners will increase the capacity of the aircraft to 100 people, as well as reduce fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by 20%. Let me remind you that airplanes emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor, as well as nitrogen oxides and soot. In general, the contribution of airliners to climate change, which threatens human civilization, is enormous. Given the harm that this mode of transport causes to the environment, at the end of 2019, Airbus announced its intention to release a new aircraft without harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 2030. Recently it became known that the new jet will radically change its appearance - now it will look almost like a spaceship from the legendary saga of the "Jedi Knights." We tell you what is known about the new Airbus model.

3D render of a new airplane of the French company Airbus

According to RobbReport, Airbus recently demonstrated a prototype of a new aircraft, called Maverick (Model Aircraft for Validation andExperimentation of Robust Innovative Controls). I would say that the appearance of the new aircraft is a real futurism, since Maverick would look great in the Star Wars saga and would carry out regional flights. Given the fact that major aircraft manufacturers in the world have promised to halve emissions by 2050, Airbus plans to produce a new aircraft without harmful emissions into the atmosphere look revolutionary by 2030.

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Layout of the passenger compartment of the new miniature passenger aircraft

From the very beginning of the commercial flight era, the main the shape of the plane did not radically change. So, if you decide to build an airplane model, thenyou will need a long tube with two wings on the sides and a “tail” on the tail. Of course, the aircraft structure is much more complicated, in addition, the Boeing 747 is hardly similar to the Douglas DC-3, but any person will immediately understand that there is an airplane in front of him, and not any other structure. But this was only until recently.

What will be the planes of the future?

Airbus Maverick prototype unveils todayIt’s an unmanned jet with a length of only 2 meters and a width of 3.2 meters (the length of classic airliners is 76.25 m, the wingspan is 68.45 m, and the height is 19.35). Despite the fact that Maverick has been in trials since last June, the company tried to keep the plane secret for as long as possible. New Maverick is an experimental modelwith remote control, with the help of which the company is testing the new capabilities of airliners and aerodynamics. By the way, the internal filling is also very unusual: the passenger compartment is combined with a wing and fuel compartments, and both Maverick engines are located above the “mixed wing”. According to Reuters, passengers will sit farther from the center than in the usual aircraft models, and therefore there is a chance that the motion sickness in a futuristic jet will be stronger. Moreover, among the advantages of the new aircraft, a more robust design and light weight, as well as quieter engines. And this is not to mention less fuel consumption.

Airbus believes the cab is more likelywill remind passengers of a large room, not the usual passenger compartment. For this reason, the layout of the cabin can be made as convenient as possible, so that passengers have enough legroom and a comfortable location. The lack of familiar windows on board the Maverick will become a kind of “highlight” of the interior.

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The Maveric interior layout looks pretty futuristic. How do you like it?

In any case, if you really want toTake a ride on a full-size Maverick, then be prepared for a long wait. The fact is that testing the prototype of the new aircraft will continue until the end of 2020, and Airbus representatives have not yet told reporters when the passenger Maverick will be built. It should be noted that Boeing also built mixed-wing aircraft. Developed in conjunction with NASA, the X-48 is an unmanned aerial vehicle that performed test flights between August 2012 and April 2013. Since then, both companies have been working on improving the mixed-wing technology. And last year, the Dutch airline KLM said it was collaborating with Delft University of Technology to develop a Flying-V mixed-wing aircraft.

This is interesting: Airbus tested a plane that can take off: pilots will not be needed soon?

One way or another, the very fact that the world's leadingairlines began to produce new models of passenger aircraft - this is very good, given the current climatic situation. At least the situation until the onset of the CoVID-19 pandemic, as according to the world's leading media reports, the amount of harmful emissions from the aircraft in March 2020 decreased by almost a third. At the time of this writing, the cancellation of about a million flights around the world has led to a reduction in aircraft emissions of carbon dioxide by 28 million tons. For comparison, this is 31% less than in March 2019. According to the Financial Times, the same reduction in emissions could have been achieved if people had stopped driving at least 6 million cars.