Airbus has developed a system for placing passengers in aircraft baggage compartment

Airbus concern Airbus has developeda system for placing passengers in the baggage compartments, which it plans to start installing on its aircraft in two years. The engineers took as a basis the on-board modules, where the crew rests during long flights. The development was carried out in collaboration with the French company Safran.

The first liner where passengers will begin to accommodatein the luggage compartments, will be the Airbus A330, also receive them Airbus A350 aircraft. The length of one module for the luggage compartment will be 2.4 meters, width - 4 meters, and height - 1.55 meters. According to Bloomberg, the new compartments can be installed both at the factory, during the production of the aircraft, and during the modernization of existing boards.

Does this mean that in the future airlinestart selling space in the luggage compartments for passengers? It is possible, but for the time being, the European aircraft-building concern plans to place meeting rooms, children's rooms or sleeping areas there. In only one A330 (200F) can accommodate up to 12 such modules. There may be a bar, a gym and ... yes, a passenger module with seating.

In theory, airlines will then easily be able to sell seats there (most likely, a super economy class), which will cost considerably less than ordinary passenger seats "at the top."

This is not the first work on the modules in Airbus. Previously, the company announced the development of modules in order to quickly turn a cargo plane into a passenger plane.

At the end of last year, Airbus was going to buildaircraft made of material based on synthetic web. The threads of the artificial web make up the skeleton of the material, forming a "braided" internal structure. The production process consists of bacterial fermentation with special microorganisms. This requires only a special nutrient medium and special conditions.

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