Air-based robot transformer created (video)

Modern robotics constantlyexperiments with materials, forms and types of newly created devices. Dynamically mobile, capable of changing the shape and size of robots can work in dangerous conditions, subject to mechanical stress. Work is also underway on the collective use of a swarm of robots. Developers from Stanford University have made great strides in developing robots with a "soft" frame that can easily avoid collisions and avoid obstacles.

The robot is called isoperimetric andcombined in its design the properties of three types of devices: flexible, beam and collective. The new device has concentrated in its design all the best from these three types of robots. Small mass was borrowed from flexible devices, beam structures allow you to quickly change the configuration of the robot, and the swarm principle allows, using the "collective mind", to solve the main problem.

Stanford engineers have created several optionsrobots. However, the most effective is a triangle-shaped inflatable structure, in which the faces are inflatable beams, and integration with other elements occurs at the vertices of the triangle using flexible connecting nodes. At the time of the transformation of such a design, one of the sides always remains at rest and serves as the foundation for the robot.
With all changes in the shape and size of the robot, the amount of air in the systems and the total length of the beams remains constant, which served as the basis for the appearance of such a device classification as isoperimetric.

Previously, when creating flexible robots, it was necessaryuse a massive air compressor, which significantly limited the freedom of movement of the device and reduced its functionality. The new robot always has a predetermined volume of air, which provides it with additional freedom without being tied to compressors.

Market entry of isoperimetric robots has not yetprovided for. However, researchers have already created a number of modifications of the transformer, capable of performing complex movements, moving objects and capturing them. For this, a system of engines installed on each side of the robot is used.