AI generates prayers for a robotic mouth (2 videos)

An installation called “Prayer” appeared inPompidou Center in Paris. Robotic silicone nose and mouth pronounce artificial intelligence-generated phrases that mimic prayers. According to the creator of the installation, Dimut Strebe, the machine publishes syntactically correct phrases that really do not make much sense, but sometimes "are funny."

Artist Strebe from Germany while working on“Prayers” used an algorithm based on religious texts and prayers from around the world. The idea of ​​the work is to consider a philosophical issue related to the comprehensive penetration of artificial intelligence into human life. Previously, the artist created a work dedicated to the restoration of Van Gogh's lost ear.

A team of scientists fromMassachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, which used religious texts and prayers from around the world for processing at OpenAI. After compiling my own prayer, text-to-speech software was used. Amazon's Kendra voice was borrowed for this, which was synchronized with a robotic mouth and nose. After the exhibition at the Pompidou Center, the Prayer will go on tour around the world.

Source: Vice