AI Facebook tags photos with specific tags (3 photos)

The failure occurred in the largest social networkThe world of Facebook, has demonstrated the ability of artificial intelligence to recognize the content of photos and describe them using tags. During the failure, instead of the usual images, a brief text description appeared before the users.

It turned out that AI is capable of quite accuratelydescribe the situation in the photographs and determine the sex of people, distinguish between domestic animals. So the photo from the holiday was described by the following tags “people are smiling, people are dancing, wedding and indoors.” Also, the AI ​​is able to distinguish the cat from the dog and determine the text format of the image.

Similar technology with a detailed descriptionImages used in Instagram. It is possible that facial recognition technology can be used to describe the photo. Such technology has been working since 2017 and is used for images that are not marked by the user.
In Facebook artificial intelligence with machinethe training necessary for the recognition of the plot of a photograph has been used since April 2016. According to the company, the technology is necessary to ensure effective access to the social network, in particular for users who have vision problems.

It is currently not known whetherDescriptions of photos for obtaining information necessary for advertising targeting. A text description of the images provides information about the personal life of users, their hobbies, the location of the holidays, the presence of pets.

Facebook's ability to get extrathe information directly from the photos came as a surprise to many users who vividly discussed this fact on the competing social network Twitter.