AI banal correspondence reveals the nature of a person (4 photos)

It is believed that it is possible to saveIncognito, moving from personal communication with a person to correspondence online. It is considered that specialists and experienced people only need a couple of minutes of in-person conversation to form a correct opinion about the interlocutor. All this was true until Russian developers proposed a new program with AI.

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The application can, analyzing the style of writingcommunication in sms, e-mail, social networks and instant messengers, to draw conclusions about the nature of the object of study. They almost always coincide with the conclusions made by professional psychologists. The program is based on complex algorithms of the neural network created specifically for this project. This approach eliminates the slightest risk of bias in the assessment of any person.

The possibilities of software are quite wide. With this solution, one can determine the propensity of a person to aggression, his sociability, contact and resistance to stress. On the basis of this information, you can create a psychological portrait of the user, substantially close to the truth, as well as simulate his behavior in various situations.

Apply technology in general and program inParticularly, for example, recruiters who select personnel for employers. They will be able to find people who best meet the requirements of each job. In addition, large corporations will be able to analyze the working correspondence of employees in order to identify those who, intentionally or accidentally, can contribute to the leaks of official data.