Aggressive people listen to rap and metal. Is it true?

In the 1950s, a British psychologistRaymond Kettel suggested that a person’s musical preferences directly speak of his character. Over time, a stereotype arose in society that aggressive people listen to music like hard rock, and rap is, roughly speaking, music for dumb people. Recently, the results of a study were published in the scientific journal Psychology of Music, in which scientists from the US state of Washington found out whether a person’s preferred musical genre could tell about his character. The researchers made very interesting conclusions.

The metal music genre originated in the mid-1970s

The study was that scientistsconducted a large-scale survey among 379 Americans aged 18 to 65 years. In the survey, volunteers were asked to name not only their preferred musical genres, but also their favorite films. The study participants also spoke about their personal qualities - are they calm, how often can they show aggression, and so on. Of course, due to the fact that the survey participants could give deliberately false answers, doubts arise about the purity of the study. But its results are still worthy of attention.

How does heavy metal affect character?

The survey showed that between the preferredmusical genres and personal qualities of people really have a connection, but it is barely noticeable. However, fans of hard rock and rap with the presence of very harsh and aggressive statements can not be called evil people. Scientists admitted that a few decades ago, lovers of "rebellious" music and films could indeed be hooligans, but today this style has become so popular that it interests people with a wide variety of characters.

Heavy music is so popular that even artificial intelligence composes it.

Why is positive music unpopular among reserved people?

But scientists have found a relationship between isolationman and his dislike for cheerful music. The reason for this attitude to positive songs to researchers is not yet clear, but they have at least two assumptions. First of all, reserved people can hate fun music because they try to avoid noisy companies with a lot of strangers. It sounds very believable, because cheerful music is most often associated with parties at which modest people feel uncomfortable. Secondly, positive songs may simply not correspond to the restrained nature of self-contained people.

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Heavy metal lovers - what are they?

Scientists from all over the world have tried many timesto connect the character of a person with his musical preferences. Back in 2013, British researchers led by Dr. Viren Swami found that many heavy metal fans have low self-esteem. The discovery was made during an experiment involving 219 women and 195 men. All of them were given the opportunity to listen to a dozen heavy metal tracks and rate them on a ten-point scale. Then the participants filled out a questionnaire in which they talked about their character.

This is interesting: How does background music affect creativity?

The survey showed two interesting patterns. The first was that fans of heavy music are always open to new life experiences, that is, they are not averse to sudden adventures. The second pattern was slightly offensive to the participants - the more a person likes heavy metal, the lower his self-esteem. Meanwhile, scientists announced that if a person with low self-esteem suddenly starts heavy music, his opinion of himself may increase.