Agazzi: a smart backpack with a fingerprint scanner and backlight (9 photos + video)

The Kickstarter features an Agazzi backpack with backlit pocket and a fingerprint-protected lock. Although outwardly, the novelty is not too different from the ordinary backpack, it has a lot of secrets.

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At the bottom of the backpack is a special lock. It does not open with a key, but with the fingerprint of the owner. The lock blocks access to the main pocket. On the front side of the novelty there is a red flashing light - a useful option for cyclists who like to ride at night. There is also interior lighting that will help you find what you need in a large compartment, even in complete darkness.

Inside there is a hidden pocket for an external battery, and the strap has a hole for the charging cable. Pulling it out of the bag pocket is not necessary. As well as carry in the hands of charging.

In addition, the backpack was protected from water andadded 15 pockets. The capacity of the novelty is 23 liters. The manufacturer also provided a lifetime warranty on his product and several models of the Agazzi backpack. A full version with backlight and fingerprint scanner will cost $ 246. Deliveries of new items will start in the early autumn of this year.