After 10 years, doctors will not be needed: the opinion of the legend of Silicon Valley

Known for his thoughts on potential impact.artificial intelligence to the medical industry, the legendary investor of Silicon Valley and the founder of Sun Microsystems Vinod Khosla said the other day that "any radiologist who plans to practice in 10 years will kill patients every day" because solutions related to machines will be developed to such an extent that they will become much more effective than professional medical practitioners.

What will happen to doctors in ten years?

Speaking at the final stage of the super sessionCreative Destruction Lab in Toronto, Khosla said that the work of the radiologist should not be, because diagnostic technologies based on AI have advanced, and people in this profession "will sow death, choosing a practice."

This position corresponds to his past.statements on this issue. Back in 2017, he expressed the opinion that some types of doctors would become “obsolete” in five years (since then, the time frame has slightly increased, but he added the time that the community and the general public would need to make technology better). Khosla believes that oncologists will be superior to alternatives based on domain-specific AI solutions, but this should be expected in the 15-year horizon.

Instead, he believes that general practitionerswill be more valuable, and they will work with AI in more specialized areas of medicine, which are now often considered to require higher qualifications. This fits perfectly with the idea of ​​a narrow AI - which copes better with special tasks.

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