Affordable, easy-to-use tactile feedback Mantis controller built

Used in modern roboticstactile feedback manipulators are expensive, difficult to manufacture and configure. However, a group of scientists from the University of Bristol created the Mantis controller, which completely changed the situation.

The developers assure that Mantis is enoughsimple and affordable, which allows you to create a robotic system even for people with initial technical knowledge. One of the main advantages of Mantis is its low cost - the controller costs 20 times less than the analogues on the market. The cost of the device is facilitated by the use of cheap components and mechanisms, such as brushless motors. Also, some parts can be made independently on a 3D printer.

New technology for creating tactile controllersfeedback will be widely used in modern robotics, according to the developers. Devices having the opportunity to use the touch to receive information about the object will significantly expand the possibilities of using robotic systems. Mantis may also be useful in the work of designers and designers using virtual reality technology.

And, of course, feedback tactile will be used for gamers, allowing them to initiate real feelings, staying in virtual reality.

Developer Initiative Already Receivedfunding, which will make it possible to present the first production samples of Mantis in the form of self-assembly kits by the end of 2019. Also, everyone will have access to drawings, which will allow you to create your own Mantis.

Source: sciencedaily