Advertising got to augmented reality

Augmented reality until recently wasfree from annoying promotional offers and pop-up banners. But it seems that, thanks to the Apple ARKit and Google ARCore platforms, it will soon be able to turn into a platform for advertising. The company IronSource began developing its own AR advertising for mobile applications.

You won't surprise anyone with a regular banner right now, andThe next gag, getting out over the game screen, causes irritation rather than the desire to buy something by clicking on it. Therefore, you need to advertise the product more fun and creative - convinced IronSource. The developers have founded their own studio, which will produce advertising for the new generation. Playworks Studio employs animators, programmers and other specialists who create high-quality 3D advertising content that is closely integrated into regular applications. The company has even developed its own platform for creating advertising applications, but so far it is not available for third-party companies.

So, for example, on the smartphone display in front ofthe user appears characters who need to destroy fireballs. The player can kill all the characters in augmented reality, and then he will be offered to install the game, if he liked it. In augmented reality, there is where to turn around to everyone, including advertisers, because this industry is just beginning to develop, modestly but confidently showing growth.